Wedding photography

Pulse pacing, secrets glances, exchanging vows, misty eyes, emotions chocking voices, rituals galore, mama and kaka performing their roles, boys eyeing gals, dancing tribes, craziness on top, khana khajana and all end-less fun - capturing the essence of wedding is our promise that we keep.
Getting ready of the bride and groom, food, décor, couple portraits and family group photos, ceremonies and rituals photos – PhotoKalam team provides all types of frames that collectively present united colours of a wedding. We are open to covers weddings in Amdavad where we are based at, but also available to shot your destination weddings with the two offers as mentioned below.


  1. Total wedding coverage.Traditional photography and videography, candid photographs, cinematic wedding film(with and without interviews)

  2. Candid photographs and Cinematic film.

Additional services like

  1. Photo frames on an easel/ back lit photo frames on venue.
  2. Instant photo print outs for family members.
  3. Presenting previous event photographs on a LED screen.
  4. Live video of wedding/reception on a LED screen.
  5. Photo studio set-up for guests' photographs.

PhotoKalam Exclusive: Documentary style of Wedding

Through the documentary style of wedding, PhotoKalam’s idea is to freeze various myriads of wedding objectively, and not just the bride and groom, their immediate families or occasional moments. This genre is the most natural way of documenting the wedding without disturbing the elements and the subjects from their spaces. The idea is to not rob them of their naturalness and make them pose.

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  1. Digital photographs
  2. Digital Photo book