Mundane is beautiful.
Your mundane is not boring to me, I really value it. I would love to spend time with you and your family to capture your everyday life. Perhaps, documenting your everyday life as an amiable photographer, being an outsider, is both: challenging and memory-making.

The lazy moments after a sound sleep, the sunlight streaming from the window, and the sudden spark of energy to rush to work, the morning cuppa, the messy house left unattended the previous night, bonding with the family members, war on breakfast daily chores, interaction with vendors, your drive to shops near you, your neighbours, your phone calls, kids playing, the house help, the cooking and a lot more make mundane beautiful. I'm really excited to document you and your family in truthful portraits - the soul stipping photographs which will be memories for generations. We might also take some portraits as an add-on.

Of course, smart phones and digital cameras have inundated the market but I doubt if those photographs are preserved properly. Besides, the future of digital data storage is also unknown. The printed copy taken by professional camera will be able to get more details of your home than your smart phones. No, this has nothing to do with you clicking the fun moments of yours. What I mean is 'documentation of everyday life' which is not only significant but essential. It's lovely how a printed photo connects us and takes us to a trip down memory lane. What looks routine to us is perhaps our treasure for future. Which is that one photograph of your family, a freezed moment of all the liveliness, that connects you to your family in the most routine way? Think. Now, visualize! Difficult? Let's capture it. Call me!

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