Perhaps, I understand the pain of having an ailing member. I know what goes around when we have a terminally ill patient and yet all we desire is happiness in whatever way possible. I want to turn these moments into a lifetime of record. This is not weird or unreal. It's a personal call. My sensitivity appeals me to click these moments.

This thought came when we had a family member who we knew would not to be with us (physically) for a very long time. So, I captured his routine. The way he would sit reading his newspaper in veranda, the way he would eat, the way he interacted with his family. When I searched about this on the net, I was surprised people have been documenting ill family members and yet there is a taboo for this style of photography. Now, these photographs may make you miss them because each captured moment leads to re-create the time spent together or the conversations made on a particular day. These may make you vulnerable but these photographs may also help you time travel and relive the days and bring back the memories of loving interactions. YOU take a call.

#LetsFreezeTime #HospicePhotography